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Hi, Vugenius friends, my name is Parker. My question is not about me, my account, my mut experience, but about my friends who have suffered a lot. He recently won his second mut super bowl of the year award in all Madden 2nd string, with a free team diamond package.

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Since 2005, Xbox players' video game skills have been quantified with a simple number: "gamerscale.". The introduction of Xbox 360, gamerscale and the resulting "achievements" provides players with their favorite new and creative challenge games. Sometimes, you just make money to finish the level or fight in a certain time, while other achievements require players to think outside the (x) box. But what exactly are Xbox achievements and how do you get them? This is all you need to know about Xbox one achievements.

What is achievement?

Achievement is a digital reward given to players by game developers to complete specific tasks in the game. Each individual achievement will receive a certain score, which will give you the overall "gamerscale". Usually, the achievement score is a multiple of 5, from 5 to 100. Your gamerscale is a convenient way to see your game career at a glance (or friend's). It will never reset - unless you choose to create a new Xbox Live account, achievements you unlock for Madden NFL 07 will be permanently linked to gamerscale.

You can unlock achievements with Xbox 360 games, Xbox one games, and first-party Microsoft games on your PC. Like the Playstation trophy, unlocking an achievement triggers a small notification on the screen as well as an obvious "bang.".

Microsoft tracks how many of the players with each game have achieved each achievement: if your achievements are particularly rare, the standard tone will be replaced by flashing noise, and you will see a diamond in the notification window.

A few games also have "challenges" that are not scored and time sensitive. Completing these challenges does not affect your gamerscale, but you can get other in-game rewards. They loop in and out of supported games, so you should always be helpful when playing. Challenges don't appear in the game's achievements list until they're completed, even though they're secret, but third-party sites like true achievements track challenges to help the finisher.

Although the number of achievements in each game varies, most of the achievements list reached a total of 1000 gamerscale at the time of release. Many developers add more achievements through downloadable content after release. Xbox achievements won't get all the rewards, such as platinum trophy of Playstation 4, but gamerscale is a simple and understandable system that allows your friends to see your progress.

Achievement center and gamerscale

Xbox one has an achievement center that displays your achievements and more about the scores of gamers. To find it, tap the Xbox button in the center of the controller and select the icon with the trophy on the far left of the Xbox sidebar.

From there, you can view a list of achievements by game, view your recent achievements, and view the gamerscale leaderboard, which shows how much your score has improved compared with your friends on Xbox Live. If you are playing a game, the sidebar will also give you quick access to its achievements list.

Click View all my achievements to go to the achievements Center: here, you can see all the achievements you've achieved through various games on Xbox one and Xbox 360. The game will play them in reverse order. If you choose a specific title, you can check your progress towards a specific achievement.

In the label on the left, you see statistics. Click this button to view detailed game statistics for almost all Xbox one games. From total playback time to top level, they can be anything, and they vary from game to game. Click any individual statistic and you will see a comparison with other people who have played the game on your friends list.

Also in the achievement center is the monthly gamerscale ranking. This section shows the progress you and your friends have made in the past 30 days. To view the leaderboards, return to the home page of the achievement center and you will see a label on the left. Select it and you will be taken to the page displaying your friend's scores in the last month. You can also view last month's leaderboards from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select any one of the friends in the list, and you will enter a page that details how your progress is compared in the games you play with each other.

How to achieve

Generally, you can make some achievements in playing each game without doing anything you would not normally do - the completion phase, raising the character's level, looking for collections, and participating in multiplayer games.

After achieving as much as possible without external research, it's time to start filling in the gaps.

Many games also have a certain number of very specific achievements - some add extra challenges, some just for fun. You can check achievements in a given game by looking at the achievement center on Xbox one. The center lists all the possible achievements of your game, although some of them are listed as "secret" and will be displayed only after completion. You can also view a list of achievements online on third-party sites such as Xbox achievements, which provides additional benefits in the comments section for players to share stories about how to achieve specific achievements.

When viewing the list of achievements in the game, you can sort the achievements according to their proximity. To see these in your web browser, check out Xbox achievements, which also provides a comment section for players to detail specific achievements.

If you want to keep track of a specific set of accomplishments in real time, Xbox one can do the same for you. Just open the main menu and under achievements, you'll see the achievements tracker tab. Open this tab and a box will appear in one corner of the screen during the game, listing possible accomplishments. Below the toggle is the configure tracker option, which you can use to select specific achievements, make the window more transparent or move it to other parts of the screen.

If you are connected to xbox live, you will only be able to unlock achievements. After connecting the game console to xbox live again, any achievement requirements you meet when playing offline will result in the corresponding achievement unlocking, but in the past, we have encountered problems in normal work.

If you're eager to build gamerscale quickly, it's worth reviewing the early game catalogs of Xbox 360. Many games (such as the third round of Fight Night) make it easy to get 1000 achievement points. Only eight special battles in the game can unlock all 1000 achievement points. The infamous game "Avatar: Burning Earth" has 1000 achievement points, which can be achieved in just a few minutes by hitting 50 combinations. When you're done, you can sell the game back or give it away to your achievement seeking friends at any time.

Madden 20 surprise auction

Hi, Vugenius friends, my name is Parker. My question is not about me, my account, my mut experience, but about my friends who have suffered a lot. He recently won his second mut super bowl of the year award in all Madden 2nd string, with a free team diamond package. Obviously, there is a random team of diamond players in this backpack, which I believe is 90-92 in general. As we free gamers know, this is very important because we can get a new entrant or a lot of MUT Coins for our team. In his backpack, he got 92 total defense questions in the name of "Suh". He was very excited because we knew he was very expensive and his hands were shaking. According to muthyde, we looked up and found that he had sold about half a million coins on average. So, excited, he decided to put him on the auction market immediately. Unfortunately, very accidentally, when trying to set a manual price (because scrolling to 500000 would be tedious), he clicked on the wrong thing on the controller, which only released 2000 coins to the player, less than 1% of the real value of the player. Frantically, he tried to delete his post in the auction market to avoid it being too late, but someone at random in the auction market had bought the player with 2000 coins, making my friend be sent in a very dark and dark period. As a fanatic, free play player, RAM fanatic and general football fan, he talked with me about how he would stop playing Madden , stop playing Xbox, he would never forget this mistake, etc. He obviously broke his heart. He's my best friend and a big fan of the game, and nothing, but a simple one click takes him weeks, if not months, to play the game continuously to earn the equivalent of 500K coins. He was depressed, he went to bed immediately, that's why I post here, not him. I tried to persuade him to post on the forum or talk to customer support, but he was really heartbroken and was nose for the incident. As his best friend, I just had a real-time support chat. He told me to post the problem on the forum so that "advanced" could see it and it might help, but he couldn't understand it. I fully understand it. I know it's a vision (it's a Madden joke), but I want to ask, there may be any way in the world to pay him back coins or players, because he has to win a super bowl. The high-ranking official who won the honor obviously took himself seriously and was very depressed. I hope I can get him to post so that you know it happened to him, but now I'll try to explain the evidence that I'm his friend, which is accidental.

Cheap Madden Coins

My friend Ian or his Xbox gamertag will say "quickyhuss", and about two hours before this post, there are 92 overall diamond team ndamukong Suh. The auction was sold out in less than a minute, and the purchase price now happens to be 2050 coins. Once again, he picked up the player after winning the Super Bowl in the all Madden 2nd string division. 

If you have any way to help with reimbursement, it means too much to him and me. Or, even if there's a way to help, I'd love to. Even if it means that I personally buy the players in the market with coins, and then let your EA send the fully auctionable and tradable cards to his account, I will sacrifice coins and do it heartily. Madden is really amazing this year, it's interesting, and I don't want to see him out of the game, as has been proven before, he's very good in the game and he's passionate about it.

I ask anyone to help with this, but if not, I understand. I'm sure it's complicated and doesn't happen often, but I ask you to study it and reimburse him. He's a great friend, even a better Madden 20 player, so it's not worth it. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article, and I thank you for your support on this issue.

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