I Have NBA 2k16 Since It Was Free

I am definitely going to be honest I have no idea or understanding on basketball and I'm in the UK,

Posted March 3,2020 in Gaming.

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I am definitely going to be honest I have no idea or understanding on basketball and I'm in the UK, I understand some rules like double dribble and stuff like that but just 2 or 3 rules, I have NBA 2k16 since it was free a couple of years ago on ps4 and after Kobe's death, for some reason I want to watch I little bit because it sounds like good fun to watch, I don't know who to support but I was also looking for a brand new sports match anyhow although cheap NBA 2K20 MT might be fun to play because it's only like £20 online, therefore I was wondering, how could a kid from uk pick up an 2K game without even needing any knowledge of basketball and enjoy the game. (The only players that I know are the big ones like lebron, kyrie Irving, Stephen curry, Antony Davies).

Yea it does thanks, how I figured but feel sure now about alot. I'm still confused about layups abit because they frequently are what I'd think is a close shot. But from what you're saying sounds like I cant skimp on layup score. Having difficulty deciding what I want for sure as much as driving dip because I want standing dunk pins and close maximum. Possibly from what you mentioned in the post I need to let up on the hooks some to maximize the others but since I have not played with this place before I doubt I'm gonna be uncontested on my shots sufficient to get away with too low a rating there.

I'm imagining standing dunks are despite not standing beneath the hoop per state exactly what it's usually considering dunks off article moves. I only need to make sure if the dip is there I am not gonna take a stupid layup. Oh yea do you know what the minimums are for standing and driving dip to be able to equip the touch dunks and alley oop dunks to get a large? Are there some other contact dunk packages you would recommend and what minimums would I need? Last thing, do you think really is gonna matter whatsoever at 7 foot 2? What bodily pie graph makes the best sense? If I utilize the vert I think my strength gets to 99 so I had been considering it.

Alright, I bet if you're new to 2k you will get destroyed. Can I pick up the principles of basketball and the players while playing or not? Because like I said I wish to see it will understand? To me, the best way to learn a sport is to play with its game. I learned all about soccer through fifa and I'm a fan. But as stated, I would stay away from online modes until you get the hang of it. Wanna Buy MT 2K20 with cheap price? Click Buy MT 2K20 or https://www.nba2king.com/ .


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