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And I know this is not probably true, I feel as it is based from the momentum your player has going towards the rim.

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And I know this is not probably true, I feel as it is based from the momentum your player has going towards the rim. Higher speed makes at the collect makes up for reduced vert and durability, high vert makes up for lower rate and strength, etc.. I wouldn't be surprised however if all the pies contributed evenly - meaning they are all the same for dunking because the strength rate and vert for each 1 balance out. It really is frustrating though. I have NBA 2K Coins  labs and I emailed them about it actually. This isn't a plug or something but they stated they had been working on this information and could have it available shortly.

I have been trying to figure this out messing with different builds for a couple weeks. If you have a look at the rosters of those men who are dunkers / slashers, then they pretty much all have vert from the 90s, potency at the 50s and 60s, and rate from the 80s. From testing, I believe it is really random. Occasionally I'll test a guy with higher vert and he barely gets up and sometimes it feels like he is over the rim. Sometimes I will test a guy with high speed and he can get around guys but sometimes it is like he can not jump and occasionally he could.

Each the following belong here: General Discussion, Lineup Suggestions, If I Keep/Sell? , Player Price Questions, etc.. You can use a site like 2K MT Central to easily display your current team. The more information you include, the more easy it's for others to help you.

? Like who can I pack with a minutes pack thats really worth anything when theres no minutes players up at this time? I'm not sure of the question but I believe you are asking what's in league packs that are normal? Moments without minutes are such lol so the answer could be current amythest Giannis. He's most likely the only card that can be pulled out of these. All the other amythests and rubies are crap. You can pull on silvers though which have some worth lol that's about it. offer the newest information about NBA 2K20, maybe you can also Buy MT 2K20 from us to help you enjoy the game.


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