Path of Exile Mobile Was Announced During the Exilecon Keynote

Path of Exile Mobile Was Announced During the Exilecon Keynote

Posted March 3,2020 in Gaming.

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A version of the favorite free-to-play RPG POE Currency  was announced at Auckland this weekend at ExileCon. From the beginning, the programmers at Grinding Gear Games described the title as"experimental" in nature, which resulted in queries regarding whether or not it would be published. Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson told GameSpot that he hopes to launch Path of Exile cellphone, but not before the company can answer the questions about what the game should be.

Where it goes from there -- in case Grinding Gear makes the decision to continue the project -- remains to be seen, although the studio has made a slice of this game aimed toward what hardcore fans want to see.

"It's looking great, so I am anticipating a launch. [But] there's questions. Does it possess the Path of Exile two content? We can do this. I can basically press a button and it's running on it. So it is a matter of what exactly do we want to position it as. Does it have its own storyline. We haven't determined this kind of stuff yet."

Path of Exile Mobile was announced during the ExileCon keynote using a silly, tongue-in-cheek trailer poking fun at some of the popular industry trends around cellular games. Path of Exile Mobile won't have any components that are pay-to-win, and it is being developed in-house as opposed to in another studio. The announcement trailer is well worth a view --check it out in the video embed above. Path of Exile Mobile was one of the reveals at ExileCon this weekend. Grinding Gear declared Path of Exile two, a new expansion for the base game, and much more. More Detail Please Click or Buy POE Chaos Orbs with Cheap Price.


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